We specialize in the production of plastisol heat transfers (iron-ons) with the use of solvent or water based inks.

Their wide range of usage as well as their specific characteristics, which in some cases make them the only possible print to employ, led to our strong position on the Polish market

The benefits of technology

Thermotransfer is a Technology based on heat applying of paint onto fabrics with the involvement of pressure, high temperature and time.  Different combination of the three variables allow for a wide range of usages. Parameter variation depends on the type of fabrics the transfers are to be applied on.

Transfers are provided to our customer in the form of printed sheets- simple thermopress is sufficient for self-application. It eliminates the necessity of sending the parcels with garments to and from the printing house.

the same transfers are applicable to various types of garments. Let’s Imagine a situation where The company orders a 3-colour  logo with the dimension of 9cm in width for the following items: 10 polo shirts, 10 t-shirts, 10 bags, 10 workwear garments (trousers nad sweatshirts) 10 umbrellas, 10 caps.

In this case, traditional screen printing technique would turn out to be extremely expensive especially with respect to the material preparation for print. Yet, as far as heat transfers are concerned, the costs are considerably reduced as there are 80 transfers printed suitable to be applied to all items. We need to emphasise the fact that durability is not lost at the expense of good price as  we use the same kind of inks which are used in screenprinting. The technology of heat transfers may be also praised for a quicker turnaround time.

The technology enables printing not only with inks matching Pantone c colours, but also such colours as silver or gold as well as with the use of  CMYK, raster    (allowing printing of photos) fluorescent or reflexive inks. All inks are characterized by strong opacity.

Technology enables printing in advance. For reccuring orders, there is an opportunity to order a bigger number of transfers at a very attractive price and apply them to individual garments. This model of business activity is typical for E-shops with ready-made prints – there is no need to store the loads of printed garments.

Transfers are applied only to garments ordered by the customer. Another advantage of this technology is the possibility of applying the same transfers to wide range of fabrics – poliester, cotton, flax, felt, leather, wood, carton, paper. What is more, the technology allows for correcting other printers mistakes.